Stay cool this summer!

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Smoothies & blended drinks: tasty and easy!

Nothing says summer like a good fruit smoothie made with rum or vodka. Get yours just right by blending up fruits and alcohol in a high-quality blender. Tip: to make your smoothies even more delicious, pass on the ice and opt for frozen fruit instead.

Blended drinks such as the Frozen Margarita or the Strawberry Daiquiri are perfect for an early evening get-together with friends or a barbecue dinner out on a terrace. If you like, you can even make a non-alcoholic version of these blended drinks for the kids! And what could be more festive than the colourful and appetizing Tequila Sunset or the Piña Colada garnished with fresh pineapple?


Discover wine cocktails

Popular and easy to prepare, cocktails made with white, red or sparkling wine are absolute must-tastes this summer. Traditional sangria, white wine sangria, punch and other cocktails can be served in a glass or pitcher, and are suitable as an aperitif or dinner-time drink.

You can always opt for the Classic Kir, made with white wine and crème de cassis, or the ever-popular and peachy Bellini, but there’s a whole host of other delicious cocktails made with bold wine, just waiting to be discovered. For example, there’s the Fizzy, the colourful Punch Roska and the Sangria du terroir that all have a good chance of becoming your new favourites!

Discover even more wine-based cocktails.


Ice-cold garnishes

In the mood for impressive garnishes? Try using frozen whole cranberries, blueberries or strawberries instead of ice for various cocktails such as the London Lemonade or Lemonade Love. Ice cubes that contain lime wedges or mint leaves at the center are a nice touch.

You can create your own signature style by using a certain type of ice (cubes, chips or crushed), or by using creative ice cube trays. Let your imagination run wild and keep things cool with ice-cold garnishes!


Everyone’s crazy about iced coffee

Reinvent iced coffee by offering cold, blended versions of your hot coffee favourites.

Served on crushed ice Irish and Spanish coffees are perfect for a refreshing afternoon break. Another delicious alternative is the Iced Cappuccino a beverage that goes nicely with an almond biscotti on the side. To really indulge your sweet tooth, why not add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or some whipped cream and chocolate sauce?



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