Does the Cosmopolitan owe its popularity to Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in the City’s fashionista?


There’s no question her glamour lifestyle and the famous pink cocktail are linked. The show’s four friends proved the point: they swapped pink for white by drinking White Cosmopolitans during the series. The effects were immediate: everyone in New York started ordering this new drink. And yet, others claim that Cosmos became all the rage after the paparazzi caught Madonna with this cocktail in hand at the Rainbow Room in 1996.


Whatever the case, we know that the Cosmo, which was first concocted in the 50s, made a major comeback in the 90s, becoming the drink for hip young women and the classic cocktail for girls’ night out.



Variations on a theme

Tasty, elegant and easy to make, the Cosmopolitan can be modified to the latest trends in tastes. Here are a few suggestions on how to play with the traditional recipe.



Barbados Cosmopolitan

Try dark rum instead of vodka.



Lemon Cosmopolitan

Use lemon vodka instead of regular vodka.



White Cosmopolitan

Replace the red cranberry juice with white cranberry juice.


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  1. Ça mesdames, cet tout à fait pour vous et vous allez l’adorer facile vous n’avez qu’à suivre la recette et vous verrez vos invitées, un peu jalouses certes, mais pleines d’enthousiasme…Parole de barman.

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