Cocktails and Calories


To help you make wise choices when ordering drinks, we’ve listed the 10 cocktails with the highest and lowest calorie counts.


Tips for Toasting Light


  • Choose diet or light soft drinks
  • Substitute tonic water with a lighter counterpart, like sparkling mineral water or carbonated water
  • Dilute your juice, whether it’s fresh or from concentrate, with club soda and add extra ice
  • Substitute cream with 2% milk when making creamy cocktails



The Top-5 Calorie-Filled Cocktails:



1 Long Island Iced Tea

780 calories for a 350 ml (12 oz.) glass*
The more types of alcohol there are in a cocktail, the more likely it is to be high in calories.



2 Margarita

740 calories for a 350 ml (12 oz.) glass
Due to high alcohol content, it offers as many calories as a burger – so consume with moderation. And watch out for giant margarita glasses – they can hold up to 1000 calories.



3 Piña Colada

650 calories for a 300 ml (10 oz.) glass
Combining coconut milk, pineapple juice and white rum is the perfect way to rack up the calories.



4 White Russian

425 calories for a 180 ml (6 oz.) glass
Like all cocktails with a cream base, this one is chock-a-block with fat and calories.



5 Mai Tai

350 calories for a 150 ml (5 oz.) glass
Rum, orange liqueur, cane syrup, barley syrup… This cocktail tastes like a dessert and has just as many calories.



The Top-5 Low-Cal Cocktails:



1Planter’s Punch

90 calories for a 300 ml (10 oz.) glass
Made with simple syrup, white rum and tropical fruit juices, this drink keeps its calorie count to a minimum.



2 Cuba Libre

92 calories for a 300 ml (10 oz.) glass



3 Cosmopolitan

150 calories for a 150 ml (5 oz.) glass



4 Mojito

160 calories for a 300 ml (10 oz.) glass



5 Tequila Sunrise

161 calories for a 300 ml (10 oz.) glass



*Caloric values are approximate only. They may vary depending on the ingredients and quantities used.



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