Dry martini

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Dry gin
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Dry martini

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    • Beefeater
    • Bombay Sapphire
    • Global
    • Gordon's
    • Hendrick's
    • Melchers Maxi
    • Melville
    • Schenley
    • Tanqueray
  • 45 ml (1 1/2 oz.) Dry gin
    • 8 ml (1/4 oz.) dry vermouth
    • 3 green olives
    • 5 or 6 ice cubes


    1. 1 Pour ice cubes, gin, and vermouth into a mixing glass.
    2. 2 Stir with mixing spoon 6 to 8 seconds.
    3. 3 Filter over a martini glass using ice strainer.
    4. 4 Garnish with a few olives.

    Pro Tip

    Some people prefer it shaken, not stirred. Why? An energetic shake makes for a perfect emulsion. Plus, it gets the ingredients nice and cold.

    Did you know

    As the signature drink of figures like F.D. Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway, the Dry Martini was so popular at the end of the 1930s that it became the subject of some saucy Hollywood lines. The most famous was uttered by Peaches O'Day, played by Mae West, in the movie Every Day’s a Holiday, “You really ought to get out of those wet clothes . . . and into a Dry Martini.”

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